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Cloud24x7 CoronaVirus Security Helpline!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly, the situation is becoming worst with every new update. Businesses are taking swift action in an effort to curb its spread. “Work from home” or “Remote Working” is growing steadily in popularity by leveraging a whole bunch of collaborative applications. While the remote working strategy may be effective to slow down the spread of the virus from people to people but at the same time, they pose cybersecurity challenges that can be different from an on-premise environment.

As a part of our commitment to protecting businesses from Cybercriminals, we are pleased to launch CoronaVirus Security Helpline!

What you can expect from this helpline:

  • Assistance to fine-tune your IT Security Policies for remote workers
  • Strategies to fight against CoronaVirus Phishing and Ransomware attacks
  • Quick online Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop for remote workers
  • Free 2 months Corona Themed Phishing Simulations

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