Frequently Asked Question - Managed Security Service by Cloud24x7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the Network-Security technologies supported by us:

  • Next-Gen Firewall
  • Web Gateway (Content Filtering Solutions)
  • Email Gateway (Email Filtering/Protection Solutions)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Web Proxy

Perimeter Security products from following vendors are supported by our offerings:

  • Cyberoam
  • Sophos
  • Dell SonicWALL
  • Fortinet
  • WatchGuard
  • PaloAlto

Since we keep enhancing our offerings, please get in touch with us to know our updated list of products / supported vendors.

To effectively monitor and manage your security devices, we would configure your device to:

  • Allow our 24x7x365 team to access your device (HTTPS, SSH, PING) from our pre-specified SOC center.
  • Allow our SIEM solution to securely get SYSLOG events.
  • Allow our Monitoring solution to perform PING, Port Check, and SNMP Get/Trap requests.

Cloud24x7 is committed for high security standards, we access customer devices only from our secure infrastructure. Below are the list of FQDN used by us:

  • All security device access requests for configuration management will come from:
  • We use GEO located sensor servers to collect various information such as SYSLOG events from the security devices, below are FQDNs used by our sensors:
    • Americas:
    • Europe:
    • Australia:
    • Asia:
  • All monitoring activities such as SNMP Get/Trap, PING, Port Scans are done by using:

Customers must not allow their devices to be monitored or managed by Cloud24x7 from other than above FQDN.

Cloud24x7 sensing architecture is pretty flexible enough to collect security events using any of below ways:

  • Secure SYSLOG (TLS)
  • Plain text SYSLOG over VPN Tunnel: We provide VPN Gateway using that we make Host-to-Host VPN between your security devices and our sensors
  • Install an agent within your infrastructure to collect SYSLOG events locally and securely send to our sensors.
  • Plain text SYSLOG (This is not recommended due to security reasons)

Our monitoring sensor works by using below polling methods to monitor security devices:

  • SNMP Get / Trap request (All SNMP versions are supported)
  • PING Request
  • Port Scan

Cloud24x7 determines the initial priority of your issue, though at any time, you may request to escalate or downgrade the priority of an issue by contacting our Global 24x7x365 SOC team.

When submitting requests for Security Incident, Configuration Change, Device Related Support, the customer must provide Customer-ID & relevant data for resolving each request to Cloud24x7 SOC.

If you still have questions about Cloud24x7 offerings, feel free to contact us.

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