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Security Architecture Assessment

Security architecture assessment is the way to go if you want to know if your network and the entire configuration is not only secure, but also compliant with the regulatory requirements and the industry’s best practices. As professional Managed Security Services provider, we offer you with the most advanced and reliable security architecture assessment so that you know the exact standing of your system with regards to security and compliance.

A typical security architecture assessment will feature the following questions:

  • Is the network using secure communications?
  • Can the internal network be accessed illegally without the firewall detecting the intrusion?
  • Are the configurations of the servers secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements as well as industry’s best practices?
  • Is it possible for a hacker to take control of our system due to the weaknesses in our architecture or configuration?
  • Is your system following best practices during installation and configuration of various components?
  • Is it only the authorized entities having access to the system?

Assessment Process

This service avails you the resources and the expertise you need whenever there is an incident in your network. Irrespective of the size of your organization and the nature of the incident, you will have what is required to navigate successfully and avert any disaster in your network.

While conducting architecture assessment on your system, our focus is to understand your unique requirements as well as your business drivers and capabilities. Our security experts will then carry out detailed assessments with the aim of identifying key vulnerabilities so as to come up with the appropriate security measures to make sure that your architecture is safe and sound.

Some of the components which we will target include but are not limited to: network configurations, device properties, allowed services, installed components and network topology amongst others. Additionally, our certified security experts will have a detailed look into your remote access safety policies, installed authentication procedures, server protection, the designs of the firewalls in use, intrusion detection system, demilitarized zones as well as network segmentation.

In carrying out security architecture assessment on your infrastructure, we will use the following phases:

  • Discover your current standing with regards to compliance and security best practices
  • Work with your security team on an acceptable risk management plan and if you already have one, we will review it for region, compliance and industry best practices
  • Make recommendations for your organization’s future state of risk management. We will work directly with your team to come up with a plan that will give you increased risk management capabilities to deal with the ever increasing threats in the infrastructure security.
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