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Training and Awareness

Continuous training and awareness for users about organization’s security is important just like any other measure taken to secure network. It is important to realize that users are the first custodians of network and if they are not well versed with the security safety requirements, it is possible that their actions can create vulnerabilities which can then be exploited by cyber criminals to hurt network. It therefore pays for an organization to educate all their users on the organization’s security matters.

75% of large organisations and nearly a third of small organisations suffered staff-related security breaches in 2015, with 50% of the worst breaches caused by human error, according to the UK government’s 2015 information security breaches survey.

A lot of researches done by various respected bodies have concluded that continuous security education, training and awareness programs for employees significantly reduce network and data breaches, and in the event that there is a breach, the damages incurred will be significantly lower.

In addition to offering Managed Security Services, we are also experts at equipping institutions and organizations with the relevant education and training so that employees and the entire worker’s fraternity gain deeper understanding on their role in helping to enhance the safety of the organization’s security. Training can range from general security awareness sessions to product workshops to formal certification programs. IT service providers that lack the resources to train their clients may also want to partner with Cloud24x7 to offer these types of services.

  • Our training and awareness programs are hands-on and are accompanied with lots of simple but relevant demonstrations that your users will understand and enjoy learning about.
  • We bring the attention to common attack strategies that hackers use and which they normally encounter on a daily basis, but they are never aware of them. These include strategies like drive-by downloads, spear phishing, watering holes and social engineering.
  • The programs will equip with the skills to identify and avoid such threats so as to safeguard crucial business information as well as sensitive client data.
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