IT infrastructure is becoming more complex by the day, security devices are critical elements enabling business continuity. By enabling security and other mission-critical applications, your organization’s network and security devices are absolutely essential to maintaining business continuity. Each device must be configured correctly to provide the necessary connectivity and security, and failure of even one of them can cause network downtime and loss of business.

Firewall Backup and Recovery - Managed Security Services by Cloud24x7

As part of our Managed Security Services to our customers, we offer organizations with comprehensive backup-recovery services for managed security devices such as Firewall, Web / Email Gateway, Web Proxy and WAF. We have the experience, expertise, technology and team to assist you for quick restoration of security devices on an event of disaster. There’s no better feeling than quickly restoring your customers to full operation after they have experienced a major failure.

The approach we adopt for backup-recovery is based on a proven and tested framework as well as methodologies that are driven by regulatory compliance and industry’s best practices. The approach we adopt have key milestones and they include:

  • Configure security devices for periodic remote backup
  • Periodic verification of configuration backup

Our SOC team is available on 24x7x365 basis to recover your security devices with last good known backup.

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