Device Assessment

Your security solution ought to be configured for optimal performance and security. This implies that they should not only offer the best performance, but also they need to comply with the industry’s risk regulations to avert any threats they might expose the entire network.

Device Assessment - Managed Security Services by Cloud24x7

We offer compact and practical security device assessment for all the major components of your security solution. With our services, we will let you know the current state of your security solution and also give our professional opinion whenever we feel that corrective measures need to be taken. The assessments are performed by our SOC experts who have extensive security experience in a variety of vertical industries and government agencies.

Feature Offered by This Service

Device Optimization

Your network will achieve maximum efficiency when all the devices are well optimized. Device optimization aims at analyzing all the devices with the aim of identifying the risky and the obsolete ones, which might potentially hamper the smooth operations of the network.

Device Risk Analysis

Device assessment also involves in-depth device risk analysis. With the advancements in technology, threats are everywhere and hackers are always on the lookout for any tiny entry into your system. They can easily find this if the devices are not well secured.

Through device risk analysis, we will identify and prioritize the potential risks and propose appropriate defensive measures to ensure that the network is not only safe, but also in compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

We isolate every device and evaluate it according to the perceived security level. We also take into account the efficiency of your security policies and their relevance with regards to the current times as well as the kind of devices you have.

Auditing and Compliance

It is very crucial for you to understand the current state of your devices as far as compliance is concerned. This is the only way to ensure that your network devices are not just current, but also they are recommended by the industry regulators. Without this, it is possible to operate on outdated devices that will do nothing, other than increase the vulnerability of your network.

We conduct comprehensive compliance auditing of every device on your network to ascertain that they are in accordance with the regulatory as well as corporate standards. This will enable you to isolate risky devices that might compromise the integrity of the network.

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