Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Every passing second when your security solution is down signifies a lost customer, lost revenue, lost reputation or lost productivity. Whether you are running a web store, an eCommerce platform or simply your back office systems, downtime in networks can be detrimental to the entire operation of your venture. This is why it is important to have reliable proactive monitoring and alerting solutions so that you are informed in real time whenever your security device is having issues and the necessary steps taken in good time.


Proactive Monitoring and Alerting - Managed Security Service by Cloud24x7

Proactive Monitoring of Security Device is a one of our Managed Security Service, integral to maintaining the monitoring different network security devices. Our 24x7x365 SOC team ensures that each and every managed security device generates multiple alerts and warnings in case if critical functions fall below a specified threshold or the device falls offline. Our SOC experts, have developed a redundant system of checks and balances that practically guarantees device availability and uninterrupted protection of customer networks.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting service offers you following key benefits:

  • 24×7 event monitoring and alerting
  • Real-time health monitoring
  • 24×7 response to system and health related events triggered by Security Device

With the solutions we offer to you, you get the pleasure to have 24×7 real time proactive monitoring, and fault detection so that you can at all times neutralize threats before they bring your systems to a grinding halt.

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